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Hello, my name is Nelieta and I am a photographer and aspiring digital artist currently based in Argentina. I am passionate about photography, digital art and texture designing for the gaming environment. This site showcases some of my recent work for sale on Renderosity and Dreamstime, including sporadic blog posts now and then. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and store.
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Batch Renderer Plugin for Daz Studio

September 30, 2017/Daz3D/0 Comments

Batch Renderer Plugin for Daz Studio. Batch Renderer is a Plugin for Daz Studio that…

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Swatch Maker; Winterbrose; Nelmiphotography; Nelmi; Textures;

Swatch Maker Product Review

May 13, 2017/Tools and Software/0 Comments

Swatch Maker Version 3 Product Review for Windows. Swatch Maker Version 3 is a very…

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Pulling UV templates of OBJ files for texturing

April 23, 2017/Daz3D/0 Comments

How to pull UV templates off obj's for texturing? I run into some problems with…

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UV Mapper; Nelmiphotography; UV Templates; Texturing Clothing; Daz3D
Content Gatherer Daz and Poser; Dimension3D; Packaging Daz and Poser Content; Missing files in Daz Runtime; Nelmi;

Content Gatherer for Daz and Poser

September 13, 2016/Daz3D/0 Comments

Content Gatherer for Daz and Poser. Content Gatherer has become one of the tools that…

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How to save a Head and Face preset of a morph in Daz3D

September 12, 2016/Daz3D/0 Comments

How to save a Head and Face Preset in Daz Studio? I am currently busy¬†working…

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Daz3D; Tutorial Daz3d; Saving Head Morph presets Daz3d
Ribbon fingers Daz; Morph distortions in Daz; Ribbon fingers Genesis; Rigging problems with fingers in Daz;

Fixing Ribbon fingers in Daz Studio

August 6, 2016/Daz3D/0 Comments

How to fix ribbon fingers in Daz Studio? Recently when posing a Genesis morph I…

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Daz3d Multiplane Cyclorama

June 13, 2016/Daz3D/0 Comments

How to work with the Multiplane Cyclorama in Daz3d? I tried to find tutorials on…

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