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Content Gatherer for Daz and Poser

September 13, 2016/Daz3D

Content Gatherer for Daz and Poser.

Content Gatherer has become one of the tools that I am using on a daily basis. It helps me a great deal when I package products for Renderosity for sale.

What is Content Gatherer and how does it help you?

It is a stand-alone tool for both Windows and Mac. It is a light weight tool and doesn’t use a lot of system resources. It has been designed to analyze your content files for Daz Studio and for Poser and locates them on the system.

Why would you want to use it? Mainly because a Runtime library can become messy after a while and sometimes products stop working as they should. This tool is ideal to find all the scene or content related files and tell you which ones are missing.

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Content gatherer for Daz and Poser

I use Content Gatherer exclusively for packing content files for distribution. It analyzes all my files, where they are located and which files are missing. Daz is sometimes making use of auto-adapted files and these are difficult to locate when you want to package a product.

I find that Content Gatherer has been helping me a lot. Once all my files have been analyzed I use the tool to create the file list, which is normally used for Readme text file for Renderosity. Then I ZIP the content with Content Gatherer and my product is almost ready to go.

Where to purchase Content Gatherer?

Content Gatherer has been made by Dimension3D and is available from the Daz Store. It is not available on Renderosity as far as I know. It is currently selling for 23 USD but it is money well worth spending.

Important Update:  Dimension3D passed away in May 2017. The product is still available on Daz but I doubt future upgrades or updates will be done.


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