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Daz3d Multiplane Cyclorama

June 13, 2016/Daz3D

How to work with the Multiplane Cyclorama in Daz3d?

I tried to find tutorials on how to modify the Multiplane Cyclorama Prop in Daz by adding my own images. I couldn’t find a tutorial that worked for me. The old Daz forum had one but the links to the screen shots are broken. After error and trial I found a way to load my own images into the Multiplane Cyclorama.

One of the reasons why I love working with the Multiplane Cyclorama is because the scene is not static. In other words I can move my camera around the scene and the background will be moving with it. The other reason is the fact that the ground pane can be set to reflect or cast shadows. When I pose a character on the ground I am able to make the scene look realistic because of the shadow casting. When you simply load a background and then pose your character, this will not be possible because the background image is not a 3D object. It has it’s limitations as characters often look like they are hanging in the air.

Where to get started with the Multiplane Cyclorama prop?

First of all you need to load the Multiplane Cyclorama prop from your Daz3D library. The one I refer to is the LS_mvc3rlite prop. With the prop selected in the scene’s tab, navigate to the surface tab and find the following:

Scenery left;
Scenery right;
Scenery center.

These are the important components that will make up bulk of the Multiplane Cyclorama scene. The next step is to find an image that you would like to load into scene. I selected a fantasy background that measures 2700×2700 in size. Now open the image in a photo editing software program. I use photoshop. I changed the dimensions to 3600×1600 pixels. To make it easier I named the images left, right and center. The first one that we are going to save is the Scenery left. Load the image into your Daz Multiplane Cyclorama by selecting the surface tab and then the Scenery left. You will be able to see the changes immediately.

Sky Reflections Backgrounds

Sky Reflections Backgrounds applied to the Multiplane Cyclorama in Daz3d.

Back to Photoshop. Use the same image (dimensions 3600×1600 pixels) and flip the image horizontal. Save this image as Scenery center and load it into the Multiplane Cyclorama prop. Now you can see that it is only the right part that is missing. Use the Scenery left and load it in the Scenery right. You should have a seamless 3 pane background. A word of caution. This technique doesn’t always work with all types of backgrounds. If you have an image that varies in tones and colours then it might not work.

Once you are happy with the scene, load the lights and props. I didn’t change the ground pane in this example but you can easily locate it in the surface tab and then modify it in Photoshop.

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