Mount Baker - Terrain for Daz Studio and Poser

Mount Baker – Terrain for Daz Studio and Poser.

– This is an environment prop for Daz Studio and can also be used in Poser (DSON Files) and includes a terrain with a default material preset, lights, skydome and and 2 material presets. The terrain prop has been morphed on actual maps of Mount Baker
and the material presets include rocky terrains. 5 Camera presets are included in this environment set.

The distance and colour of the fog can be changed in the camera Editor.

All DAZ files have been converted from DUF files to DSON
format and can be opened in Poser, as long as you have the DSON Importer script that can be downloaded free from Daz3D.
Please note that this product was designed for Daz Studio and the lights, camera and skydome might not work properly in Poser. The terrain and material presets are loading perfect. It is also recommended to make changes to the tiling setup of the actual textures.

More information about the DSON Importer script:

This simple Python script allows you to load DSON files for DAZ Studio 4 and up in Poser without requiring Poser companion files. Of course, you still need to install the DSON importer for Poser from DAZ 3D.