10 Seamless PBR Wet Ground Textures with Texture maps

10 Seamless PBR Wet Ground Textures with Texture maps.

– This set is PBR (Physically Based Render) Textures and have been created from actual photography and then tweaked inside a PBR program to create optimized results and realism. The following maps are included: ALBEDO/AO/NORM/Height/ROUGHNESS.
The bump map is not included and the Height map can be used as it fulfills the same purpose.

PBR Textures are also called Next generation Textures and are optimized for gaming but not limited to gaming. They can be used as in Daz3D, Poser, Maya etc. or be used in digital artwork, props and scenes.

All photographs have been taken by myself after rain when the ground was wet. Included are ground textures with small pebbles, grass and sand.

This set is ideal for the Texture Artist who is looking for High Quality textures and maps.