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Street Photography

Marvels of daily life.


Street photography is one of my favourites. I like to sit in a quiet corner and watch the people. Unguarfed moments when the person is unaware that you are observing. Quite creepy if you think about it. Most of my photographs are grounded in people. It is like opening a window and capturing a moment. A fleeting second. One of my all time favourite photographs is the young woman in the weeding dress. We were walking in Red Square, Moscow, when I noticed her father wrapping a coat around her shivering shoulders. It took a couple of seconds but then the moment was gone.

“When I take photographs, my body inevitably enters a trancelike state. Briskly weaving my way through the avenues, every cell in my body becomes as sensitive as radar, responsive to the life of the streets… If I were to give it words, I would say: “I have no choice… I have to shoot this… I can’t leave this place for another’s eyes… I have to shoot it… I have no choice.” An endless, murmuring refrain.” – Daido Moriyama

” “I love photographing. It’s that simple.”Stuart Franklin
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