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It’s all around us. We wear it, walk on it, and admire it. It comes in different colors, made with different materials and assorted textures. I love textures and this forms a major part of my 3D work. Texturing and creating textures.

If you want to add a unique, authentic feel to your designs, textures are a great way to spruce up your designs. I have taken various courses over the last couple of years to learn how to design textures for the gaming industry. Since discovering the world of textures, I have started to see the world differently. Everywhere I see roughness, glosiness, patterns and colors.

Nature is a great source

Take a break from your computer and grab your camera. We are going into nature to find textures. Touch it, feel it, admire it. Imagine what you want to do with it.

Texture creation is a process

I create PBR and Non-PBR textures. It is a process that uses a variety of programs. It takes time to be able to make them look realistic. Many of the textures I use in re-texturing clothing and props. Other textures I sell specifically for the gaming industry. Designers often don’t have the time to create textures. They buy it from people like myself. I enjoy working with textures.

“I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it… I always want to see the third dimension of something… I want to come alive with the object.”Andrew Wyeth
Textures are all around us. We see them in nature, fur, whiskers, paw prints, we see them in the kitchen, and we see them in the playground.
Ever stopped to look at the textures around us? They are amazing.
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