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Fixing Ribbon fingers in Daz Studio

August 6, 2016/Daz3D

How to fix ribbon fingers in Daz Studio?

Recently when posing a Genesis morph I encountered a problem with the fingers and arms that were distorted. The fingers looked like ribbons and I had no idea how to fix it. It took a couple of hours to find the right information and to fix the problem – permanently.

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What Ribbon fingers look like in Daz,

First of all I need to point out that this was a Genesis Base Morph that I have changed in Hexagon to create a new figure. I have made her smaller than the original Genesis morph and that is where the problems started. You can see it clearly when you look at the bone structure. The bones of the new morph does not follow the shape of the original Genesis figure.

This also happens when you apply a younger figure and one of the forums spoke about problems with Genesis 2.

As I mentioned before the bone rigging is getting messed up. There is a quick fix by going into Edit>Rigging and adjust the rigging to the shape. That will fix it but it is a pain to do every time you start up studio.

Permanent fix for Ribbon fingers.

I have tried many things to fix it permanently but I found that this worked the best. Saving as a new morph asset did not work for me. When I saved it as a Figure/Prop Asset, it worked.

MENU: Edit –> Figure –> Rigging –> Adjust Rigging to Shape

TOOL: Joint Editor –> [Right-click on selected figure] –> Memorize –> Memorize Figure Rigging

MENU: File –> Save As –> Support Asset –> Morph Asset(s)  –>[Choose a new name]

I think that will save it with the new rigging. If not, save a copy of the whole figure after memorizing figure rigging:

MENU: File –> Save As –> Support Asset –> Figure/Prop Asset(s) –>[Choose a new name]

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