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Swatch Maker Product Review

May 13, 2017/Tools and Software

Swatch Maker Version 3 Product Review for Windows.

Swatch Maker Version 3 is a very handy tool to have, especially if you work with textures. There is a free Lite version and the Full version. I will review the full version in this blog post.

What is Swatch Maker?

Swatch Maker is a standalone program for Windows. It can transform any texture or pattern into a larger canvas. It can be used for both seamless and non-seamless textures. From personal experience I can tell you that it is better to use a seamless texture or pattern when working with Swatch Maker. It tiles better around the 3D model.

How does Swatch Maker work?

It is very easy to use. Create a new canvas by loading a texture. Canvas sizes are based upon the size of your original image. Sizes can be: 32×32; 64×64; 128×128; 256×256; 1024×1024; 2048×2048; 4096×4096 and 8192×8192.

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Swatch Maker V3 by Winterbrose.

The above example illustrates how Swatch Maker works. Tiles can be flipped horizontally or vertically and can also rotate 90 and -90 Degrees.

Pro’s and Con’s of using Swatch maker?

Swatch Maker is ideal if you have a small texture and you want to upscale it to a larger texture. It can also be downscaled if needed. This comes in very handy if you have a seamless texture that you need to resize. This can also be done in Photoshop by using patterns and the fill bucket but it is a lot quicker in Swatch Maker.

It is also ideal if you want to see what a texture looks like if you upsize it. For example: If you have a texture that needs to tile 2048×2048 and it makes blocks when upsized, then chances are very good that this texture will not work when wrapped around  3D model.

Unfortunately it does not make a current texture seamless. This is a downside to version 3. This functionality was available in version 2.

Where to purchase Swatch Maker?

Swatch Maker can be purchased directly from the Winterbrose site. The cost is currently 5 USD and purchases can be made online. Register the product and you will recieve an activation code.

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